X Files 2 Film in production

by Sci-Fi Man on May 20, 2006

xfiles.gifThe man behind The X Files mythology,Frank Spotnitz has signed a deal to help with the next X Files movie! The show which ended in 2002. He told SCI-FI Wire:

“David, Gillian and I, and even Chris Carter, all have deals in place, and once the legal issues are over with, we will go on with it,” Spotnitz said. “I’m hoping it will get resolved soon.”(…)No, we’re not going into the mythology [in the sequel],” Spotnitz said. “One of the things that was exciting about doing it is to not make it a mythology story, and it’s like one of the stand-alone episodes. It’s a bit scary. Of course, we will catch up with the characters and what is going on in their lives, but it’s not about the alien conspiracy. It’s not about that.”


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John Clark June 29, 2010 at 3:33 am

i love Bionic Woman. i wish there were real bionic women out there.:*-

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