Jeffrey Combs to return to the 4400

by Sci-Fi Man on May 26, 2006

gast_jeffrey_combs01.jpgIn an interview Ira Steven Behr stated that the series will bring back Jeffrey Combs for the third series, “but that fans may have to wait a bit to see the resolution of last season’s cliffhanger, which featured the mysterious reappearance of Billy Campbell’s Jordan Collier.”

In the interview he stated:

Next season will also see the return of “the equally lovely and talented Jeff Combs, who I worked with numerous times in the past,” Behr said, with tongue in cheek. Combs, who worked with Behr on various Star Trek projects, will again play Kevin Burkhardt, a brilliant but troubled scientist who played a key role in last season’s finale.

The full interview is here

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