Miller ready to shoot Sin City 2

by Sci-Fi Man on February 23, 2007

Frank Miller, who wrote and co-directed Sin City and executive-produced 300 both films based on his graphic novels, is now ready to start shooting the sequel to Sin City according to SCI FI Wire. He hopes to start shooting the film in late spring in Texas.

The sequel will be based on A Dame to Kill for, the second Sin City story and a prequel to The Hard Goodbye, which was the basis of one of the first film’s storylines. Sin City 2 will also flesh out some of the back stories of the first film’s characters such as ‘The Old Town Girls’ and Nancy Callahan played by Jessica Alba.

Miller will be once again sharing directing duties with Robert Rodriguez. They are still casting and if the first Sin City is anything to go from then you can expect a whole host of Hollywood stars.

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