Sci Fi Spoofs That Should Be in your DVD Collection

by Sci-Fi Man on June 24, 2010

A good science fiction movie parody is one that pokes fun at the genre’s conventions. You’re not laughing at it, you’re laughing with it – and maybe just a little at yourself for being such a fanboy or fangirl. Indeed, the ultimate hallmark of the successful sci fi spoof may be that the unhip mistake it for the genuine article. Looking to fill out your film library? We nominate the following:

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure 1990

It is Keanu Reeves – need we say more? Really? Here is a clip:

Buy it now on Amazon for $1.99

“The Fearless Vampire Killers” 1967

Fearless Vampire KillersDirector Roman Polanski disowned it after MGM studio hacks chopped it to pieces in the editing room. Still, from the Jewish vampire who tells a trembling crucifix brandisher, “Oy vey, haf you got the wrong vampire!” to the openly gay bloodsucker Herbert, this send up of classic B horror flicks from Britain’s Hammer Studio has some very funny scenes if you can overlook its gaps in continuity. Buy it now from $8.99 on Amazon

“Tremors” 1990

TremorsWelcome to the town of Perfection, Nevada, population: 14 – but who’s counting? Well, the giant 30-foot carnivorous worms are, kind of. Leastways they’re doing their best to prevent handymen Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward from leaving town. Affectionate throwback to earnest 1950s creature movies like “The Blob” and “The Tarantula.” This film was so popular it actually made it to the 4th innings of releases. Buy it now from $2.99 on Amazon

“Sleeper” 1973

SleeperWoody Allen stars as a health food store owner who fast forwards 200 years only to discover that in the future health food is deep fried goodies, hot fudge and cigarettes. And then there’s the Orgasmatron. And the giant banana peel. Early Woody Allen is the best Woody Allen. Buy it now for $2.99 on Amazon

“Mars Attacks” 1996

Mars Attacks!Politics, religion, the military, Las Vegas, and little green men from – where else? – Mars: you name it, director Tim Burton spoofs it. Big name cast including Jack Nicholson, Glen Close and Pierce Brosnan, but the real star of the show is the art direction: it costs millions of dollars to give a film the exact color and texture of a schlocky 1950s science fiction movie. But it now for $1.99 on Amazon

“Young Frankenstein” 1974

Young FrankensteinGene Wilder plays the grandson of the notorious scientist, a professor at a medical college who returns to Transylvania to clear up some irregularities in his grandfather’s will. Mel Brooks’ classic is that rare parody that is both a hilarious mockery of, and a loving homage to, the classic films it spoofs – “Frankenstein,” “Son of Frankenstein,” and “Bride of Frankenstein.” Buy it now for $6.95 on Amazon

“Evil Dead 2” 1987

Evil DeadGore plus slapstick equals “splatstick” (the coinage is star Bruce Campbell’s.) Sam Raimi pre-“Spiderman. This flick works both as flat out horror and as demented comedy, depending upon how willing you are to suspend disbelief. Buy it now from $4.95 on Amazon

“Shaun of the Dead” 2004

Shaun of the DeadShaun is having a bad day: he’s hung over, his girlfriend wants to break up with him, and if that isn’t bad enough, flesh-eating zombies have risen from the grave and are stalking the streets of London – though it’s hard to tell them apart from the other wankers. Brilliant satire on Generation Lay-About. Buy it now from $1.50 on Amazon

“Galaxy Quest” 1999

Galaxy Quest“Galaxy Quest” is not just a science fiction parody, it’s a tender, affectionate, side-splittingly funny spoof on science fiction fandom itself. The galaxy can be saved, but only if the garbage is taken out first. But it Now from $5.95 on Amazon

“Earth Girls Are Easy” 1988

Earth Girls are EasyUnder-rated sci-fi musical comedy from Julien Temple, director of the cult classic, “Absolute Beginners.” Geena Davis plays a Valley Girl stylist; Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans are the furry aliens who count down into her swimming pool. Geena gives them a make-over and the fun begins. Features a cameo by Angelyne of billboard, pink Corvette and Double-D knocker fame. Buy it now for $2.49 on Amazon

“Spaceballs” 1987

SpaceballsMel Brooks’ “Star Wars” send up – Pizza the Hutt, anyone? But really this flick is a grab bag of sight gags, one-liners, malapropisms and allusions to practically every sci fi epic ever made. This is the one that separates the real fans from the wannabes – you’ll laugh till you cry but only if you get the in-jokes. Sometimes you shuold leave somthing well enough alone – but not so – the producers decided to make a Spaceballs Animation series (Spaceballs 2?) which did really really badly… Buy it now for $0.60 (Bargain!) on Amazon

Any more we should have added? Drop them in the comment below!

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Dennis September 3, 2010 at 2:46 pm

There was a stupid alien movie on showtime(?) a few years ago, an alien was crossed with a cat, she utters the line (I’m not kidding) “Rowr?”
I’m searching for the title, I must have this “movie”

John Bowman January 19, 2011 at 2:29 pm

I think the Turkish SF-movie G.O.R.A. (2004) – – would be in place…

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