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by Sci-Fi Man on August 3, 2010

A Collection of twenty seven 1950’s Movies now out of copyright for your viewing pleasure:

  1. Prehistoric Women: See the invention of fire! See the world’s first swan dive! See the prehistoric beauties battle the giant caveman! See it all in the glory of beautiful Cinecolor! Who could ask for anything more?
  2. Rocket Ship X-M:
    Astronauts (Lloyd Bridges, Osa Massen, John Emery, Noah Beery, Jr., and Hugh O’Brien) blast off to explore the moon, but because of a malfunction, they end up on Mars instead.  When on Mars, they explore and discover a ruined city of a past civilization
  3. Destination Moon: Destination Moon is a 1950 American science fiction feature film produced by George Pál, who later produced When Worlds Collide, The War of the Worlds, and The Time Machine. Pál commissioned the script by James O’Hanlon and Rip Van Ronkel. The film was directed by Irving Pichel, was shot in Technicolor and was distributed in the USA by Eagle-Lion Classics.
  4. Unknown World: Dr. Morley (dubbed the Prophet of Doom by at least one newspaper reporter) is an obsessive opponent of all things nuclear. Fearing that atomic weapons will destroy all life on earth, he recruits a group of scientists for his Society to Save Civilization, and they make plans to find a living space deep within the earth where man can survive and rebuild from the nuclear holocaust they see just over the horizon. After the group fails to secure any funding, a rich newspaper publisher’s son forks over the cash and accompanies them on their monumental journey.
  5. Cat Women Of The Moon: This is a classic b-Grade Sci-fi movie from 1953. Leonmard Maltin called it “the best of the So-Bad-it’s-Good movies”. Sometime shown in 3-d, always shown with a score by Elmer Bernstein, this picture is also known as “Rocket to the Moon”. A group of space travellers find themselves landing on a hostile moon inhabited by beautiful women in tight black costumes and heavy eye makeup.
  6. Mesa of Lost Women: A mad scientist named Aranya (Jackie Coogan) is creating giant spiders and dwarves in his lab on Zarpa Mesa in Mexico
  7. Planet Outlaws: Buck Rogers and his pal Buddy (Jackie Moran) are released from suspended animation after 500 years.  They discover that the world is under the thumb of modernistic mobster Killer Kane (Anthony Warde), and are enlisted in the fight against Kane by Wilma Deering (Constance Moore) and Dr. Huer (C. Montague Shaw).
  8. Phantom From Space: An alien being lands in Santa Monica. Killing two people who attacked him due to the menacing appearance of his spacesuit, the creature takes it off while being pursued by government authorities, revealing himself to be invisible
  9. Killers From Space: Atomic scientist/pilot Doug Martin is missing after his plane crashes on an reconnaissance mission after a nuclear test. Miraculously appearing unhurt at the base later, he is given sodium amethol, but authorities are skeptical of his story that he was captured by aliens determined to conquer the Earth with giant monsters and insects. Martin vows to use existing technology to destroy them.
  10. Rocky Jones, Space Ranger – Crash of the Moons: Cruising the galaxy in his space ship “The Orbit Jet” Space Ranger, Rocky Jones (Richard Crane), Vena Ray (Sally Mansfield), Winky (Scotty Beckett) and 10 year-old Bobby (Robert Lyden) defend the Earth and themselves against space-bound evil doers.  On the planet Ophesus, Rocky is involved in contentious negotiations with Cleolanta (Patsy Parsons), iron-fisted dictator/queen of this world.  Along with Rocky are his co-pilot Winky and diplomat Drake (Charles Meredith), who is “Secretary of Space” for the United Worlds.
  11. The Snow Creature: A Himalayan expedition comes across a mountain being, manages to capture it, then transports it back to the United States.
  12. The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues : Prof. King (Michael Whalen) had discovered a uranium deposit under the sea just outside a collage and somehow activated it causing this radioactive sea monster to be created. Attacking people sailing off-shore it killed a number of them by capsizing their boats and then exposing them to it’s deadly radioactive rays. The Professor is trying to use his discovery to create a “Death Ray” that can be used by the US military but it seemed to have backfired and caused the deaths of a number of innocent people. Prof. King is also reluctant to destroy the underwater uranium deposit and his creation the creature.
  13. Warning From Space: UFO’s are seen around Tokyo. Because they look like giant starfish the aliens cannot approach us without creating panic. Hence one of them sacrifices itself and takes the form of a popular female singer. It/she warns mankind that a meteor will crash on Earth. While the approaching meteor causes hotter and hotter weather, mankind runs and builds a last-chance anti-meteor weapon
  14. Rocky Jones, Space Ranger – Menace from Outer Space: Cruising the galaxy in his space ship “The Orbit Jet” Space Ranger, Rocky Jones (Richard Crane), Vena Ray (Sally Mansfield), and 10 year-old Bobby (Robert Lyden) defend the Earth and themselves against space-bound evil doers. A couple of missiles strike earth and Rocky and the gang go to find out where they are coming from.  They end up on a moon of Jupiter which is perfect for their survival.  They are lucky to land because they have run out of gas. At least their gas gauge says so.
  15. Indestructible Man: Betrayed by his fellow criminals, Lon Chaney, Jr. is executed, but has his chance for revenge when he is reanimated by a scientist.
  16. The Incredible Petrified World: It’s supposed to be cutting edge science: a diving bell that can descend the depths of the ocean. However, when a cable snaps, the crew fears that they may perish inside. After the crew leaves the bell to explore, they soon find a large network of caves and a survivor who has been there for over a decade. The survivor reveals the horrible truth: there is no way to get out of the caves. Or is there a way?
  17. The Screaming Skull: A widower remarries and the couple move into the house he shared with his previous wife. Only the ghost of the last wife might still be hanging around.
  18. The Day The Sky Exploded: Scientists discover that a group of meteors are hurtling on a collison course with Earth, and if they hit, the planet will be destroyed.
  19. Frankensteins Daughter: Dr. Frankenstein’s insane grandson attempts to create horrible monsters in modern day L.A.
  20. Teenage Zombies Teenagers Reg, Skip, Julie and Pam go out for an afternoon of water skiing on a nice day. They come ashore on an island that is being used as a testing center for a scientist and agents from “an eastern power.” They seek to turn the people of the United States into easily controlled zombie like creatures. The agents steal Reg’s boat, stranding the teens on the island. The four friends are then held captive in cages able only to speculate on their fate. Though they have already been testing the formula on convicts and drunks, the enemy scientist and agents plan to conduct final tests on the teens before they use it on the rest of America. Meanwhile, two of their friends, whom the captives had planned to meet later, search for their missing friends. After a series of suspicious encounters, they urge the corrupt sheriff to search the island where their friends are trapped.
  21. Terror in the Midnight Sun After a herd of reindeer are mysteriously found dead following a meteor crash in a remote part of Sweden, soldiers and a geologist are called out to investigate. Just as they discover that the meteor is actually a spaceship, a hideous monster destroys their plane and kills the soldier guarding it. As the geologist (along with his figure skater girlfriend) are trying to ski to safety, the monster attacks again and kidnaps the helpless woman. What is this creature, and can it be stopped?
  22. Teenagers from Outer Space : A young alien (David Love) falls for a pretty teenage Earth girl (Dawn Anderson) and they team up to try to stop the plans of his invading cohorts. Giant lobsters are about to be raised from their slumber by aliens in this 1959 movie, until one of the aliens discovers that human lives are at stake.
  23. The Bat: A mystery writer starts being menaced by a serial killer known as “The Bat” after renting a house with a million dollars hidden in its walls.
  24. The House on a Haunted Hill: An eccentric millionaire throws a party for his wife in a haunted house offering each guest $10,000 if they can make it through the night. Only there seem to be schemes at work beyond what the ghosts have planned
  25. Terror is a Man : The lone survivor of the sinking of the “Pedro Queen,” William Fitzgerald (Richard Derr) washes ashore on a remote Pacific island one thousand miles off the coast of Peru. He is taken in by Dr. Girard (Francis Lederer) and his wife, Frances (Greta Thyssen). Fitzgerald soon learns that the doctor is conducting unusual medical experiments on the island, assisted by his wife, who is a nurse, and a few servants.
  26. Plan 9 from Outer Space: Aliens resurrect dead humans as zombies and vampires to stop human kind from creating the Solaranite (a sort of sun-driven bomb)
  27. The Atomic Submarine: In the far and distant future of 1968, many ships and planes are crossing the North pole to transport passengers and cargo.  However lately more than eight ships and seven submarines have vanished mysteriously. The Tigershark is sent out to investigate their whereabouts and – if possible – remove the cause of their disappearance.

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Didier August 3, 2010 at 9:55 pm

Hi, Thanks for this list!
However, some movies are listed more than once :
Warning from space (13 & 16), The Incredible Petrified World (14 & 19), and The Screaming Skull (15 & 20).
The descriptions are different, though, so I guess the problem is just in the movie title?

Sci-Fi Man August 3, 2010 at 10:08 pm

Ah thanks for pointing that out! I copied a number of lists and sources and seems that wordpress reverted to the original version of the draft! Will edit the repeats out!

Shannon August 5, 2010 at 7:00 pm

This is great! Thanks!

P.S. It looks like Plan 9 is missing its tag, and it’s throwing the numbering off.

Julian August 6, 2010 at 3:22 am

Love The House on Haunted Hill! The Remake sucked!

Sci-Fi Man August 6, 2010 at 4:19 pm

Cheers Shannon! Fixed.

stephen February 5, 2011 at 12:32 am

i love these movies keep up the good work

Tim June 20, 2011 at 10:25 pm

Great list of old sci-fi movies. Several of these I watched with my dad when I was little. Hope to watch them with my son when he is old enough.

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