Syzygy Network – Independent Scifi Channel

by Sci-Fi Man on August 4, 2010

Syzygy Scifi Network

Syzygy Scifi Network

In 2006 Dave Andrews was working in Hollywood.  He was both an industry insider and an avid SciFi fan.  He saw that there was less and less satisfaction among the fan base at having only one single network to turn to for SciFi content.

The Syzygy network (pronounced si-zi-gee) is trying to get an independent Scifi Cable Channel sorted and are looking to get investment to make the idea a reality. In a way this may be a good thing for SciFi fans, as the complaints against the current SciFi network are constantly rising due to poor programming choices.

There were many different news networks, movie channels, sports networks, music networks and others.  It seems that just about every ethnic group, every religious organization, every sport, each gender… Just about everyone had many different options for television viewing.  Everyone except SciFi fans.  They had only one option to turn to; an option that they felt was turning its back on them more and more each day.

The Facebook group has a large base of  fan support –

With many thousands of fans “liking” this facebook page, it’s actually the fans themselves expressing interest.; investors won’t have to take our word for it. This is a completely grass roots effort with not a single penny being spent in marketing. We know we can get hundreds of thousands of fans with a multi-million dollar marketing effort, which we will certainly do in the 3 to 6 months leading up to launch (the day the network becomes publicly available). What we need is to prove that SciFi fans are so dedicated that we can get great numbers interested just by word-of-mouth.

And from their Facebook Page:

The Syzygy Network is a new cable network coming in 2012. This network will be entirely dedicated to Science Fiction and Fantasy fans.

We will diligently hunt down the most obscure scifi from around the globe and bring it to the network, as well as airing well-known titles. We’ll bring you new programming as funding allows, including our own productions and those of other companies.

However I dont know how the state of affairs will turn out, as increasingly a number of online sources enable SciFi fans to pick and choose what they want to watch. Will the channel succeed? Only time (and ultimately ratings) will tell.

Dave Andrews has promised to do an interview for us, so keep on the look out – will publish it soon.

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shure September 16, 2010 at 1:34 pm

Dave Andrews has promised to do an interview for us, so keep on the look out – will publish it soon.

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