Battlestar Galactica Ruined My Marriage And other Stories

by Sci-Fi Man on September 14, 2010

Its interesting to see how Scifi Fandom affects peoples lives. Some people obsess about rebuilding props, sets and owning actual memorabilia. Others, well just obsess about their favourite shows, and sometimes this has unintended consequences. Some sink deep in depression with the coming of a less than stellar Scifi film, smashing hopes. Some lash out with bile inflicted words. I pulled out three interestingly funny reviews on Amazon I came across recently.

A Curse on your Ranch George Lucas!

George Lucas Skywalker Ranch

George Lucas Skywalker Ranch

I have never been so disappointed in a film in all my life. It makes me wish that there were an ability to give negative stars. The reason it gets even one positive star however is the opening few minutes. It actually looked like it would be a great film. NO…IT REALLY WASN’T. After that one brief shining moment this film tanks into a CG nightmare of effects without substance. It looked like the entire thing was developed to as an excuse to create that racing scene which was in turn developed just to sell a stupid video game. That racing SCENE…what was it…half an hour? And the “comical” announcer. A CURSE ON YOUR RANCH GEORGE LUCAS!!! With the exception of the aformentioned 3-5 minutes of action and excitement every other moment was an agony of disillusionment and the systematic sulying of beloved memories.

STAR TREK: INSURRECTION is a terrible, hackneyed film

Star Trek Insurrection - Collectors Edition?

Star Trek Insurrection - Collectors Edition?

I am a huge Star Trek fan who has enjoyed among many Trek films, STAR TREK II and FIRST CONTACT, but this film, INSURRECTION, is an embarrasing entry in the series. It is to the Next Generation what William Shatner’s STAR TREK V was to the original cast. A lightweight, inconsequential, New Age film which has the worst elements of LOST HORIZONS and THE SOUND OF MUSIC thrown in.

Add to that embarrasing humor (breast jokes, Picard doing the mambo, Worf singing ‘Gilbert and Sullivan,’ wart jokes etc) plus brief and shoddily edited battle space battle sequences (with Ryker using a joystick to manouver the Enterprise (!), villains in bad need of plastic surgery, and overall, hom hum special effects, with a painfully hard to watch Data subplot about him trying to understand what its like to be human, and you’ve got a film that makes STAR TREK GENERATIONS look like CITIZEN KANE.

When will the madness end? Please someone fire Rick Berman and bring back Nick Meyer or Leonard Nimoy to salvage the Trek movie franchise. At least they knew how to frame, shoot, and edit films, utilizing the widescreen format to its limit – the original cast movies did not look like made for tv movies that were shot in Northern California, like INSURRECTION does. This travesty of a Trek film (“lock and load”) unsurprisingly, was the second lowest grossing Star Trek film (after ST V). It is a film even a fan can only watch once.

BattleStar Gallactica Ruined my Marriage

Battlestar Galactica Ruined My Life.

Battlestar Galactica Ruined My Life.

This show ruined my marriage and our family life. My husband became so obsessed with the show he joined a website for it called “BSG Watercooler”, then onto Twitter, blogs, podcasts, then to Skype and texting… and to fly to TX to meet the people he had chatted with day in and day out ALL ABOUT BATTLESTAR GALACTICA forgetting he had a wife, kids, family, home and job that should have come first.
We are now going through a horrible divorce and he lives with a woman he met on the website in CA!!


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