Spray On Clothes, Tshirts and Dresses Now a Reality!

by Sci-Fi Man on September 22, 2010

Spray on Tshirt - fabrican

Spray on Tshirt - fabrican

Fabrican has patented an instant, sprayable, non-woven fabric, and now demonstrates that its not a scifi myth, but a reality. The product is being demonstrated at the London Fashion Week, and can be used to make Tshirts and Dresses (may be a bit cold for under garments :P )

See the videos:

Developed through a collaboration between Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art, Fabrican technology has captured the imagination of designers, industry and the public around the world. The technology has been developed for use in household, industrial, personal and healthcare, decorative and fashion applications using aerosol cans or spray-guns, and will soon be found in products available everywhere.

“I really wanted to make a futuristic, seamless, quick and comfortable material,” said Torres. “In my quest to produce this kind of fabric, I ended up returning to the principles of the earliest textiles such as felt, which were also produced by taking fibres and finding a way of binding them together without having to weave or stitch them.”

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