Pimping your Gadgets with Sci-Fi Accessories

by Sci-Fi Man on July 1, 2011

Once upon a time, portable computers were something confined just to the movies. Now we have multi-touch devices (think of the screens in Minority Report) and advanced personal communicators (we’ve had mobile phones for ages, but this is classic from Star Trek). Tablet PCs are also pretty common in Stargate Atlantis (but oddly they all seem to work with massively advanced technology of the Ancients!).

Portable gadgets like mobile phones, games consoles and tablet PCs are very much in their growth phase. Gone are the days where we’re tied to just a single desktop computer. Most people carry around a mobile phone, with some people now starting to carry around a tablet computer too. We want information and entertainment wherever we go, therefore we’re taking our portable gadgets along with us too.

Portable gadgets like phones and tablet PCs are therefore a personal accessory, not quite fashion accessories, but certainly fashionable accessories. So now the market for customising these pervasive gadgets has opened up. Standing out of the crowd with just a vanilla device is not enough. Now it needs to be pimped up with accessories!

Us sci-fi fans love our merchandise, and thankfully there’s a huge amount of cool accessories for phones, iPads and games consoles. For example, for your music player (your phone, iPod, etc), you can now get Star Wars R2D2 headphones. As cheesy as they are, they do look pretty cool.

When it comes to mobile phones, you can get covers and fascias that fit on to your existing mobile phone. So for example, you can get custom . These aren’t strictly cases, they’re more fascias than anything else. That said, you can get protective cases too, such as the Death Star iPad Case, which is designed to just clip on to the back of your iPad. There are loads of Star Wars gadget cases, as you can imagine. I think I’d be tempted with a Yoda case personally.

Oddly, there’s not been a great deal of customisation when it comes gadget screen protectors. Possibly because too much detail on the front screen of your gadget would be distracting, and therefore hard to read. However, it would be nice to see some front-screen covers that feature holograms, logos, or perhaps something that glows in the dark. Considering you’d spend your time looking at the front of your gadget, rather than the back of your gadget, it’d make more sense to have something on the front perhaps?

I look forward to the day when we have electroluminescent cases for gadgets, particularly iPads. Having blue, red and green stripes (as inspired by Tron) on your gadget would look very cool indeed.

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