The Complete Set of Iron Man 2 Action Figures #1-40 Plus 2 Extra

by Sci-Fi Man on January 31, 2012


Found on eBay. Click for Full Details

This is the complete set of Iron Man 2 Action Figures #1-40. They are 3.75 inch and have never been opened. Are all brand new. The extra two are about 6 inches. Please email with questions before bidding and check out our other listings. If payment is not received within five days after the item has been sold, it will be relisted on ebay.

The complete list:


Advanced Tactical Armor- War Machine Omega Factor Armor, Iron Man Mark VI Vibranium Armor, & Iron Man Mark V Bio-Metal Armor

Proving Ground- Iron Man Mark VI Holographic, Iron Man Hulkbuster, Recon War Machine

Complete Set

1. Mark I

2. Mark II

3. Mark III

4. Power Assault Armor

5. Hypervelocity Armor

6. Deep Dive Armor

7. Iron Monger

8. Mark VI with power-up glow

9. Mark IV

10. Mark VI

11. Mark V

12. War Machine

13. Inferno Mission Armor

14. Ivan “Whiplash” Vanko

15. Fusion Armor

16. Weapon Assault Drone

17. Air Assault Drone

18. Ultimate Armor

19. Munitions Armor

20. Mark V Stealth Armor

21. Hot Zone Armor

22. Iron Man

23. War Machine

24. Stealth Operations

25. Crimson Dynamo

26 Iron Man

27. Hulkbuster Iron Man

28 Iron Man

29. Guardsman

30. Iron Man

31. Titanium Man

32. Advanced Armor

33. Arctic Armor Iron Man

34. Silver Centurion

35. Classic Iron Monger

36. Ultimate Iron Man

37. Ivan “Whiplash” Vanko

38. War Machine

39. Madarin

40. Stark Racing Armor


£ 250.00Found on eBay. Check out the Full Details on eBay

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