Scifi Conferences, Parties and Poker Español (Spain)!

by Sci-Fi Man on February 29, 2012

We have been very busy lately. It seems that there is so much happening in the scifi industry of late that we are neck deep in conferences. The great thing about conferences of course is that you meet a bunch of likeminded people, get to share experiences and knowledge as well as swap stories. Of course, the there are other benefits too!

For example travel. This time round we went to Spain for a series of mini conferences, but all good fun. But getting to travel to sunny Spain made the whole event worth going to. The parties were insane! Drinking a whole lot of Sangria we made sure that we attended as many local events as we could. Of course, once you have had a few, you look for more late night entertainment – and this time round we found ourselves at a casino!

Luckily for us, a poker tournament was in play, hosted by Party Poker . Talk about fiction! These players were of an insane caliber, and I could hardly keep up with the bets.

Oh well, seems like that’s the last one for a few months till we get our act together and start saving for Comic Con…

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