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Stargate Universe Season 2 – “Intervention” Trailer

September 23, 2010

Here it is, the official trailer for Stargate Universe Season 2! See what the future has in store for Destiny and her crew, and make sure to watch the season premiere on Tuesday, September 28th at 9pm on SyFy.

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Sharktopus Movie – SyFy Original Film ( New Preview / Trailer)

September 19, 2010

The film premiers 25th September (2010). Not sure about the actors that I saw in the clip, look a bit cheesy – but interesting ending….

The Navy-engineered half-shark-half-octopus killing machine B grade Scifi / Horror movie by Roger Corman is out this week. Often referred to as the “King of the B-movies” for his output of [...]

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Syzygy Network – Independent Scifi Channel

August 4, 2010

In 2006 Dave Andrews was working in Hollywood.  He was both an industry insider and an avid SciFi fan.  He saw that there was less and less satisfaction among the fan base at having only one single network to turn to for SciFi content.
The Syzygy network (pronounced si-zi-gee) is trying to get [...]

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Heroes Season 1 DVD

May 29, 2007

No longer are our magnificent Monday night ‘Heroes’ going to be confined to merely mortal NBC TV (and SciFi Channel reruns). Our favorite Heroes and villains are coming to DVD this August with tons of bonus features.
The 7-disc set, available on DVD and HD DVD on August 28, 2007, will include the never-before-aired 73-minute premiere [...]

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Bionic Woman Pulls Double Duty

May 21, 2007

There was a bit of a surprise when Katee Sackhoff told reporters that her time on the new NBC series “Bionic Woman” went from “one episode” to “recurring.” But all of that can be explained in one simple sentence: Sackhoff simply wowed network executives.
“She absolutely steals the screen in ‘Bionic,’” Angela Bromstad, president of NBC [...]

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NBC goes with Journeyman

May 12, 2007

I know that the whole “man goes back in time to alter events” idea has been done a lot and to various degrees of success but hopefully NBC’s Journeyman will be one of the better versions.
NBC has picked up the show which is about a man who can go back in time and alter events. [...]

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Should Sci Fi Green Light Outer Space Astronauts?

April 24, 2007

Sci and Sci Fi Magazine are asking Internet users if they should pick up a new sci-fi comedy called Outer Space Astronauts.
Visitors are given access to 5 vignettes from the show on the SCI FI Pulse Broadband Network and asked to fill out a survey explaining what they think. Sci Fi says it will [...]

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