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Possible early return for Endeavour

August 18, 2007

The British government has warned citizens to not visit the Caribbean due to the approaching Hurricane Dean and now the space shuttle Endeavour could be moved forward by 24 hours due to the hurricane growing in strength in the Caribbean, a NASA official said.
Storms are categorized on a scale of 1 – 5 and Dean [...]

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The blood of the future

May 12, 2007

In another step to make us that cool Sci-Fi civilization of the future, Scientists have developed an artificial plastic blood which could act as a substitute in emergencies.
The artificial blood is made up of plastic molecules that have an iron atom at their core, like haemoglobin, that can carry oxygen through the body.
Hopefully [...]

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TiVo CEO Promises Cheap HD TiVo

March 15, 2007

Think paying $800 for a Series3 HD TiVo box just to record your favorite Sci-Fi shows is insane? You are not alone. Consumers weren’t exactly excited about coughing up that much $$$ for the Series3 and TiVo sales have slumped. In fact, TiVo just reported a Q4 net loss of $18.7 million.
With products like Apple [...]

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